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Hello, and welcome to my site. My name is Sheri. Let me share some of my background with you. I have had animals all of my life and truly enjoy caring for all types. I have had cats, dogs, a pot belly pig named "Dottie Grunt", birds, horses, fish, lizards, rats, hamsters, mice, goats, and a cow named "Daisy". One of my favorite pets was a rooster named "Chick Chick". He would attack the mailman and anyone else that came to our door, but he loved to lay on his back in my arms and fall asleep.

Back in the 80's my family decided to put our passion for animals into opening one of Vacaville's first pet stores (Pet Country). Our pet shop was opened for 22 years and I enjoyed giving advice to our customers when they needed help with their pets. It also felt great to find homes for the several puppies and kittens that were abandoned on our doorstep. I became knowledgeable about many types of animals. I also enjoyed breeding exotic hamsters, mice, and rats for our pet store.

A short time after opening Pet Country, I decided to start my pet sitting service, Sheri's Pet Watch. I was one of the first professional pet sitting businesses in Vacaville at that time. Sheri's Pet Watch is a family owned and operated business and has been serving the needs of clients and their pets for over 30 years now. I choose only to have myself and family members help with Sheri's Pet Watch because I want to keep my business small and personal for my clients.

We look forward to meeting you and your cherished critters!


(707) 469-0769

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